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458 Italia / Spider


Italia/Spyder 4.5 V8 (2010-2015)


If you are looking for valve controlled exhaust system, developed by Armytrix and crafted in polished aluminium – you search is over. Welcome to the world of automotive passion, where your Ferrari is treated to an accessory that is befitting of a Ferrari 458 Italia.

The FERRARI 458 Italia / Spider Twin Titanium Blue Tips along with an Exhaust System is devoid of any restrictive factory exhaust settings. Instead, it was engineered and hand crafted to be heard by the crème de la crème of the modern car scene.

Allow the 458’s 9,000 rpm to be heard far and wide, akin to an automotive call to drive, where by hearing the power and resplendence, they will join you in a show of true automotive power.

The driver will notice the Armytrix system retains the use of all the vacuum actuated valves – controlling the flow of the exhaust under a plethora of different driving conditions.

The key chain controlled exhaust system allows for total automotive control – which gives more horsepower higher in the high rpm range, and which gives a better spread of power providing a much better flow with less restrictions as opposed to the OEM ones.

By purchasing an Armytrix System, you will not only improve the sound of your vehicle, you will also be able to get the power in the rpm range where you would normally drive the car.



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