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599 GTB Fiorano


599 GTB 6.0 V12 (2006-2012)


FERRARI F355 Exhaust System – Quad Chrome Silver Tips

The FERRARI F355 Exhaust System, complete with Quad Chrome Silver Tips is your key to an automotive journey full of sound, speed, throttle and turbo charged motoring stardom.

Picture this – you slide into the F355 and you sit back and relax as the pristine bespoke seats fit around your petit frame. You are on top of the world, the king of your very own Ferrari.

However, it is now time to get ready for the drive of your life…

You will find that the valves within the exhaust are adjusted by an electric motor as opposed to a vacuum solenoid.

Switch the car into Sport or Track mode via the driver mode selector dial as the dash opens up the valves.

After observing the manifestation of automotive excellence – we are sure that you will agree that there is a significant difference in sound when the valve is closed and when it is opened.

For the ultimate in power and sound, hardcore driving enthusiasts can pre-set a time, should they want the valves to open and close by the engine’s revs per minute or by how far down they put their foot down, thus ensuring your vehicle is subject to an innovative driving experience, bringing your pride and joy to a whole new level.

Those who purchased the FERRARI F355 Exhaust System, complete with Quad Chrome Silver Tips, are happier than ever as they grace the road, the question is will you also join the Armytrix club?



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