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B9 2.0 TFSI Sedan/Avant (2016-) 2WD


In the Automotive universe the Audi A4 Sedan, A4 Avant Exhaust System possesses raw turbo charging capability to speed up and accelerate your way to automotive ascendancy.

Allow an incalculable level of power to equip your internal-combustion engine with the gift of power.

Compatible with both the Audi A4 Sedan and A4 Avant, this hand crafted product is the ideal purchase for those who are remarkably civil yet and drive smoothly at either moderate or economical speed.

Yet when it comes to throttle cruising – we would advise Audi owners to showcase what an engine should sound like.

Should you want to be part of the Armytrix car club, you have to unleash the performance driver within and modify your vehicle with the best accessories you will ever get your hands on.

We are talking about an unparalleled opportunity to purchase a truly bespoke exhaust for all Audi A4 and Sedan owners.

Fast, refined, and powerful, this unique automotive accessory commands the utmost respect wherever you go.

Available with quad chrome silver tips, this aluminium Audi A4 Sedan, A4 Avant Exhaust System was developed to eliminate any disturbance to the flow of exhaust gasses.

Armytrix has also replaced the restrictive factory mufflers – ensuring the engine boasts additional horsepower and torque

Rest assured – our exhaust system will give your Audi a cultured, melodious yet powerful automotive voice.

Should you invest in this much sought after automotive accessory, you will be making a wise investment.



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