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TT MKIII QUATTRO 2.0 2014-2017


8S MKIII 2.0TFSI Coupé/Cabriolet (2014-)


Would you like to drive off into the sunset whilst turning on the Armytrix race mode as the gas filters its way through all the pipes, thus ensuring you have the loudest and best sound performance exhaust for your car?

Well, look no further than the Audi TTS MKIII Exhaust System, available with Quad Chrome Silver Tips.

Should you buy this innovative Armytrix product – you will be the one whom every automotive enthusiast will look up to because they will want to drive an Audi TTS like yours and accelerate a V8 engine without the any troubling and ear-splitting sounds.

Let there be no doubt, this automotive accessory is the turbo charged solution to all your problems.

If you want an exhaust superior to all others – the king of all the other systems on the market then by choosing the Armytrix Audi TTS MKIII option, you have chosen first-class quality, premium design and performance.

To put it rather bluntly, you have guaranteed you will experience driving the way it should be – full of speed, traction, throttle and all out turbo charged automotive flair.

Those discerning clients, who set out to purchase this Exhaust for their Audi TTS, are happier than ever as they take to the road, however, will you follow suit and join the Armytrix club?



Power Increase


Torque Increase


Weight Decrease

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