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B9 2.0 TFSI Coupe 2WD (2016-)


If you are looking to purchase the Armytrix Audi A5 Coupe Exhaust System as an investment for or as a gift, our enthusiastic team of experts can help you accelerate towards a world of high-speed automotive delight.

This particular exhaust system will give you many happy years and no doubt you have our blessing to speed together as one in world intertwined with automotive accessories, wheels, parts and full engine throttle.

The fact of the matter is, the Armytrix Audi A5 Coupe Exhaust System is the best product you can buy in the UK, without a doubt.

Put your foot down and set the benchmark in terms of boosting power and torque for the Audi A5.

Sit back as the gas filters through the exhaust systems with relative ease; this will essentially assure you that the air filter, thermostat and ECU power output are of the optimum standard.

The fantastic thing about all the Armytrix exhausts is that after you make your purchase, you will get a keychain remote coupled with an App that is connected to the CAN-BUS, providing the owner with a plethora of priceless data.

Should you need to know what speed you were driving at – just look at the App, now we are talking about automotive excellence.

Certain customers believe the Auto options really give life to the engine, cranking it up to turbo charged level.

However, do not take our word for it, out advice to you is simply: go out and buy this 
automotive work of art.

We pronounce you car and exhaust – you may drive your Audi A5.



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