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F12 Berlinetta


Berlinetta 6.3 V12 (2012-2016)


If you are looking for a complete high-performance exhaust for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta; look for further than the latest hand crafted manifestation of automotive fashion from the purveyors of the most innovative car accessories: Armytrix…

For a fantastic daily-driveable sound and power for your engine, one you slide into your Ferrari, you will notice a dramatic improvement in sports car sound and power throughout the RPM range. We are talking about the FERRARI F12 Berlinetta Exhaust System, a fantastic daily-driveable solution to the standard OEM factory exhaust.

This automotive accessory package also includes a high-flow Sport Catalytic Converter for improved flow and exhaust sound, yet complies with most emissions regulations.

Once you purchase this product, you will be given an Armytrix remote control key chain, which is essentially a simple push-button controller that connects to your factory muffler valves allowing you to override the factory settings and keep the valves open or closed at any time

Please be advised, the hand crafted exhaust is constructed from high-quality aluminium for optimum flow and maximum durability.

Especially when car owners are in driving in auto mode, the valves will automatically close to maintain backpressure at low rpm, which give you better launch-start without losing the power, when you are driving in high speed, the valves will automatically open for maximum air flow, which add more horse power to your car.

You can set whatever timing your want for valves to automatically open and close by rpm or how deep you press your gas pedal, it’s a new toy making your car more fun to drive.



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