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Aventador S LP740-4 6.5L 539 V12 (2016-)


Once you decide to purchase the Aventador S LP740-4 Exhaust System, fellow car enthusiasts and Lamborghini owners will try not look back in your direction, because they will also want to be the proud owner of an innovative automotive accessory that is full of auto charged and high speed style.

However, they will succumb to turbo charged temptation and will eventually watch on as you bask in true turbo charged throttle, we are not talking about sky rocket delight: Armytrix will allow you to invigorate your engine in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Whenever you desire to go into racing driver mode, light acceleration or slide into your Lamborghini and drive in full speed delight – rest assured, your car is adorned with an automotive accessory that everyone wishes they can buy online.

A state of the art design, thus ensuring a perfect fit to your Aventador, we are talking about the best ideal accessory to enhance the unique V10 sound of your engine. No doubt, you will experience an increase in horsepower and torque thanks to a rather competent flow that goes all the way through to the exhaust system.

This Armytrix setup can be installed directly into its existing mounting points. The original vacuum pipes fit directly into the valve system. The opening or closing of the valves is controlled by the ECU, therefore working in unison same with the way the original exhaust was designed to function. 

Furthermore, a wireless remote control, will allow you, by the touch of a button, to open and close the valves. This allows you the choice of opening the exhaust valves at will, allowing the engine to release the full Aventador sound.



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